What NOT to wear this summer!

It’s hard to dress nice and comfortably when it’s hot and sticky outside, and even worse, wardrobe malfunctions are common. Girls always want to look flawless, even when covered in sweat! To help you not make mistakes this summer, and keep your cool with your outfits – here are 7 things, which you should avoid wearing this summer!


Last summer I saw so many people wearing crocs, believe me that is a HUGE mistake, better to wear ballerinas shoes, very elegant and comfortable. But crocs…Are you a gardener? No? Then you have absolutely no reason to be wearing plastic clogs on your feet. Ever.

2. Velvet is out of style in summer!

If you have velvet skirt or dress and you are thinking should you wear that this summer or not, the answer is NO! It’s not the best thing to wear when it’s hot outside, unless you want your clothes to stick to you.

3.Visible underwear.

As the weather gets warmer, clothes inevitably get smaller. While now is the time to bare your shoulders, keep in mind that what once remained hidden under a sweater or cardigan is now in full view. Thankfully, there are lots of options to keep your bra straps under wraps, like racer-back or strapless styles.

4. Socks and sandals.

No,no and one more time NO! Please, never match these two things!

5.Heavy coats!

They were in trend this winter and that’s it! When it rains, wear something light!

6. Very short shorts.
Daisy Dukes and denim cutoffs are what summer is all about, but that doesn’t mean we want to see half your  bum hanging out of them. Please, cover up those cheeks.
7. Heavy make-up.
Source: http://theraphaelproject.com/blog/make-up-do-we-really-need-it/
Sweat and sunscreen can melt your makeup into a mess, and the more you have got on, the more noticeable it is. So, swap your heavier products for lighter ones (think tinted moisturiser instead of foundation). Besides, when your skin has a healthy summer glow, you can get away with wearing less.
I hope that my list helped you to realize what you shouldn’t wear in summer. Always remember, that in summer being natural is the best choice!If you have more ideas what not to wear or what you don’t like wearing in summer, leave comments and share your opinion.
Aktolkyn Auyen.

5 Big fashion trends for Spring 2014

We all like to stay ahead of fashion, but what is going to be big for spring 2014? It’s time to put away the parka coats, take off the layers and let spring into your lives, we’ve had enough of winter blues, spring clean your style and keep your wardrobe updated for spring 2014.

1.Flower Power

flower power

Antonio Beradi, Mulberry, Preen and J.W Anderson worked florals into their spring collections

Spring means one thing: plenty of florals,what better way to embrace the season than to wear it? Keep it feminine and vibrant, as this season it’s all about big prints.

image source

2. Sports wear

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.51.30

The sports trend – think bomber jackets and sports luxe that even the fresh prince would be proud of

Now, you can actually leave the house looking like you are on the way to the gym. Keep your spring game at the highest score by pairing casual outfits with baseball jackets, think fresh prince meets modern day gym wear….

image source

3.Just pink


Cara Delevingne walks in Pink for Burberry

It’s time to be a girly girl again,even Barbie would be proud. Keeping in line with AW13’s pale pink tones, Pink is a big colour this spring, and spring 2014 is about being really, really, dare we say it… girly!

image source

4. Wearable art

wearable art

Chanel show how you can make brush strokes work into your wardrobe

This spring you can wear art, not just enjoy it. This seasons catwalk featured bold prints with paintstrokes, which means that you can walk around in that old d.i.y top of yours you used to paint the bathroom with. Pop art motifs can be seen in spring 2014 too.

image source

5. Monochrome

We know we said Pink is in, but that does not mean that the classy monochrome look is completely fading away. For those that are not too fond of pink, great news! Keep it simple and classy by pairing black and white together. Shades optional.

Daisy Lowe in Christopher Kane

Daisy Lowe in Christopher Kane

image source

Will you be sporting any of spring 2014’s top 5 looks? Let us know!

By Yasmin Harding

Bright Lips Are Always In Fashion

Nothing makes quite the same dramatic and subtle accent to an outfit as bright lipsticks do. And certainly one thing is for sure, bright lips are never out-of-date. It doesn’t really matter what the season is, or what time of day it is, they always do a brilliant job in making women feeling more confident and beautiful.

1920451_703922816295646_2068014953_nPhoto Model: Kristina Atanasova

I hardly get excited about lip-glosses, except when it comes to bright lipsticks. With a large range of shades, starting from bright pinky-coral to light-cherry, they have a juicy texture that makes your lips even plumper. And more importantly, unlike the darker ones they flatter almost any type of skin tone and they match with the different lips shapes. Unarguably, with their empowering shade, they also suit both girls and women.

Besides, from my personal experience I can tell that they cover the lips imperfections and they always make them look smoother with a shiny touch.

Except all of their obvious pros as makeup products, they also give a perfect finish to your street style outfit. Their handful tones can be combined with all three moods of the day. They can be used for a daytime wear, a trendy outlook or a fabulous night out. It is not to say that all of them are giving that glamorous appeal since it is true that the brand makes the product. And sometimes if they are too bright, they create the feeling of not wearing a lipstick. But, the great thing about them is that even if they fade-away, in most of the cases, you can’t see that.

So since I am a huge fan of the natural-exotic look, I have always found bright lips as the perfect approach to complete your outlook. This is why I have always fancied them more than the darker ones.

What do you think of bright lips?

Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

The Little Black Dress: Never out of style!

Thanks to legendary Coco Chanel, who invented this kind of dress. First it was shown on Vogue magazine in 1926. And now, 88 years later this dress is still the most popular style of dress and must-have of wardrobe.

                                                                                                             Photo Source

Unfortunately, nowadays, more and more women on their way to be always in trend saying that LBD (little black dress) is out of fashion and now it’s time for new designs.

Maria Voronkova, Instagram it-girl says: “ People are tired of Coco’s little black dress, this dress became ordinary, it’s 21 century, we want something new!”

I absolutely disagree with her point of view. Why?

First of all, LBD is unique because absolutely all women can afford themselves to buy simple black dress and you will look very elegant.  It knows no social, style or size boundaries. Whether it costs $1,000 or $50, is a size 2 or a size 22, it is still a little black dress. And everyone wants to own at least one perfect little black dress.

Second, this dress never wil be ordinary because now there are so many variations how to wear this dress. Even the most famous designer, creative director of Chanel and living legend Karl Lagerfeld said : “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

Here I want to show you some ways to wear LBD.


                                                                                                                Photo Source


                                                                                                           Photo Source

When it comes to wardrobe staples, there’s nothing more classic, sexy, and versatile than a little black dress. For brunch with friends, office meetings, girls’ nights out, or your next hot date, the LBD can be transformed time and time again with the right accent pieces. Remember, doesn’t matter if it is morning, afternoon or evening- little black dress will be always right decision!

Leave your opinion about LBD and you’re more than welcome to share the ways how you wear this dress.

By Aktolkyn Auyen

13 Must-Haves For A Timeless Wardrobe


We all want to have a well-stocked wardrobe, filled with “worth every penny” investment pieces that will last for years. So to make yours as well as my life easier,here are 15 timeless fashion pieces we all should have in a classic closet. It depends on your personal style, I guarantee that my hints will help you put together outfits that will both rock and underline your style.


1.A stunning fancy dress


We are girls and we always want to be gorgeous. Having at least one in the wardrobe will save you hours of worries deciding what to wear for a date.

2.A leather jacket


Sometimes it can be quite expensive to buy one, but a leather jacket is definitely in the list of good investment items. If you treat it well, it will last for decades and it will always rock your look.

3. Tops


They are fantastic for layering under cardigans and jackets and they always make you look more feminine.

4.Skinny jeans


It seems that they came into fashion again several years ago. But, let’s admit it, they are comfortable piece of clothing that makes you sexy and they match everything from your wardrobe.

5.A neatly made sweater


They make you warm in the winter and they always look good. Also in the spring thin ones can keep you warm for the unexpected british weather.

6.Boyfriend jeans


I bought a pair last summer and it was the best investment I have ever made. They make you skinnier and stylish, and keep your look casual.

7.Ballet flats


Talking from personal experience, it is not to say that they are long-lasting items. But, of course you don’t have to spend alot of money on them.

8.An oversized bag


It is something that comes in hand on daily basis and is like the table salt, it matches with everything. No one will know what is in your bag, and you never know what you might need to put in it!

9.Black heels


They are simple, but a classic item that never ages and every girl must have in her wardrobe. They work for both street-style and formal functions.



They look incredibly small, but can hold necessities that we cannot go without. If you are planning a dinner out in a posh restaurant, or a night out – you need one.

11.Statement necklace


They can be combined with different clothes and make outfits look perfectly completed.

12.Fur coats


When it comes to a trendy wardrobe, they are an excellent choice to have. Plus, they make you feel cosy.

13. Comfy underwear


Even under the clothes, it is a piece you must have in your wardrobe. It defines your feminine, your style and it makes you more confident. You also do not want something uncomfortable if you are going to be in it all day!

Well, that was the last item for a timeless closet. If you think something could be added or replaced, feel free to leave your comments!

Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

Photographer: Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

London Fashion Week Review

Even though Britain did not display the best of it’s weather but nevertheless; London had spoken, as it gives New York, Milan and Paris a catwalk for its money; as London outlived its image of being a fashion capital as we can truly say that London has carried the custom on with much grace as we say farewell to the spectacular London Fashion Week 2014. That walk; that run, those tantrums, the anxiety, all the drama may have come to an end but it has left its threads all around the world as we salute the new trends that have been born, which will exquisitely dominate ad will be showcased by the fashion disciples all around; as every street will be a ramp and every walk a catwalk to maintain what London is really truly known for: Fashion.


photo source

There is no fashion, if there is no passion in fashion and during the Fashion Week buzz we saw a lot of that; as we witnessed all that made our jaw being dropped to our eyes being open wide as we went either woohoo or eekkk! Over crowded room with cameras clicking wildly away; tweeters tweeting away, bloggers blogging away, all to the thrill, and the drill of London Fashion Week as the models strides away.

Models, led by Cara Delevingne (L) present creations from designer Burberry Prorsum during the 2014 Autumn / Winter London Fashion Week in London on February 17, 2014. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALLBEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

Models, led by Cara Delevingne (L) present creations from designer Burberry Prorsum during the 2014 Autumn / Winter London Fashion Week in London on February 17, 2014. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALLBEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

Photo Source

All scrutinising eyes were on the ramp as the magical experience unfolded itself as big names such as Tom Ford who brings back his sexy trio of supermodels, stiletto’s and a lot of swagger; Christopher Kane debut his first leather goods; Burberry which causes a storm with its new styled Prorsum; Vivienne Westwood who puts her unique twit on high society style with big hats and a lot of red, to name a few top-notch designers who all managed to stimulate our senses with their  bold striking fashion statements as they went head to head in the fashion week as the best of British was gloriously displayed.

Izza Hina