Shine bright like a naked diamond

One of my fears in life, is a bunch of people possibly seeing me naked, you know that horrible dream that everyone has at least once in their life, where you somehow end up running stark naked through a crowd of people. Unless your name is Rihanna, and you are head to toe in 216,000 Swarovoski Crystals, made by designer Adam Selman.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 16.03.46

Rihanna bares all in a customised Adam Selman dress.

Rihanna at the CFDA awards stepped out in a completely sheer fishnet slip dress – with her nipples exposed and her nude g string underwear the only thing keeping her somewhat modest. How on earth can we call this ‘fashion’? Since when has wearing practically nothing, ever been a fashion statement?

At the moment, the internet is full of females protesting their rights, and rightly so after the Elliot Rodger incident. Feminism is probably rearing its angry head at society, but in no way do I see this as a statement, the same way I do not see women who decide not to shave their armpits and growing it out a statement. That is a personal choice, wearing what you want is a personal choice, if you want to grow your armpit hair, that is entirely up to you. When you remember that Rihanna’s fans age range varies, what kind of example is having everything on display, scantily covered by crystals to girls? I admire celebrities who do not care what people think, but there is also a limit in terms of caring about how much you put out there of yourself, if this is a new form of female liberation, easy on the sheer fishnets girls.

Solange Knowles, in a Calvin Klein Collection dress

Solange Knowles, in a Calvin Klein Collection dress

You are already famous, you are probably earning money for every second I spend typing this, so what is the need to go over the top and draw attention to yourself in this way? This outfit certainly wasn’t tasteful, yes it is confident and brave of her, slightly provocative, but I cannot understand how this is fashionable. Applause to her for deciding to step out in this risqué little number, but what happened to elegance, vast celebrities knew how to pull of actually wearing something. Rihanna’s outfit certainly had the whole Great Gatbsy vibe, but even F. Scott Fitzgerald would be rolling his eyes at her right now. I’m sure the Instagram police are already on the case of deleting users images of this outfit – and as Rihanna deleted her Instagram account in protest of nudity clauses, we wont be seeing much more of her for a while, that is until she decides to go out half naked again or twerk. 

By Yasmin Harding


One thought on “Shine bright like a naked diamond

  1. I totally agree with you, celebrities these days seem to do anything for fame and to have the media talking about them, the most successful one is probably Miley Cyrus and her controversial videos and actions in concerts.
    Great post though! Check out my blog? Its my very first post 🙂 hope you enjoy

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