Street Style losing its roots

The term street style is a very commonly recognisable term nowadays, whereas it might not have been a few years ago. All thanks to Scott Schuman who made street style so popular with the humbling start of  carrying a camera around  and taking pictures of all the styles he found striking, later posting on his blog “The Sartorialist”. This gave way to thousands of street fashion bloggers all over the world who now follow his lead.

But over the years I have found that street style fashion is loosing it’s roots, as I feel that street style more and more resembles the fashion displayed by the models on the ramps of fashion week. It lacks the originality which made it so popular in the first place.  In fact the stereotypical image created of fashion by all these so-called fashion gurus is exactly what we see being replicated in masses on the street. The crazy bold chic avatar which outshines your true inner beauty is still embraced by few and being praised by even less.

Bold and Beautiful street style on Brick Lane

Bold and Beautiful street style on Brick Lane

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This is not what street style was meant to be like. It is rare now that you see people wearing something so crazily unique that it alarms you for all the right or wrong reasons. The whole art of taking pictures of real people embracing their own distinctive style is such a dynamic fashion practice but now it feels like the people who are photographed are no less than fashion  models themselves. What happened to the ordinary men and women being photographed? Which creates whole new issues of stereotyping beauty (in demand of another blog).Where is the originality I ask?

Street style for me was breaking all boundaries of rich and poor; you could be as wild and as predictable. Embracing our inner style. Street style Now it seems that street fashion has is losing its roots, as people are starting to follow the fashion trend forecast.

Street Style on the streets of New York

Street Style on the streets of New York

I think fashion is not exciting if it is so predictable and everyone on the streets looks like a clone of one another. Fashion is the unexpected clash of style, prints and colours. The mix of contemporary with vintage. I say be a fashion creator not a follower. Bring street style back to its original roots and embrace your own distinctively unique sexy yet boldly striking style back. Bring on the fashion!

By Izza Hina


One thought on “Street Style losing its roots

  1. TBH with you I agree with some of the points made.. street style is suppose to be unique and not suppose to mere copy what all the models are wearing.There is no fun in that!

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