Versatile, Stylish and It Rocks!

 I have that dress for three months now and it has become my favourite piece of clothing. Except it is really comfortable, it can be mixed and matched with almost every item I have in the wardrobe.


I have chosen to combine it with my black, leather boots as that creates less formality and the whole outfit is street-style inspired. But, trust me with black or skin coloured heels it looks gorgeous. Besides, the leopard-printed down part of the dress makes it look classier and gives me the freedom to wear it with my shine statement necklace. And truly said it was one of the most budget-friendly items I have bought for the last months so I guess that makes it even more attractive. But, what I love most about it is the blink-blink script that says “Wild” and who can argue that it is not?

I love this outfit and if you like it, please share your opinion!

Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

Photographer: Lyubomira Ivanova


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