Fashion Police Raid: Hit or Miss

It is very common that people might often find themselves in a middle of a fashion catastrophe. Quite simply because they are a big fashion miss. While there are some who are a fashion disaster, then there are those who are a fashion hit as they wear the most simplest thing and carry it with such grace and elegance that it might even make Kate Moss turn her head around. This is the fashion police raiding the 7 biggest street fashion Hit or Miss. Enjoy 🙂

 1. Denim!

Different ways to wear denim

Different ways to wear denim

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Fashion Police Verdict: HIT!

Dear old denim! Just never out of fashion. If this does not add to our fashion delight then listen out; there is several ways that you can wear denim but you can experiment with it and wear it various other ways so you just never get bored and come out with a new outfit every single time. Perfect to wear on any occasion, so denim is a must if you want to look effortlessly chic and on trend.

2. Baggy Clothes!

Baggy clothes

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Fashion Police Verdict: (do I even have to say it) MISS!

Baggy clothes look cute sometimes but wearing baggy clothes that are far too big for your size is a big fashion blunder. If that is not enough to add to the fashion worlds misery; to wear His and Her matching baggy outfits and embrace it on the street is purely a JOKE. As I am sure there is no need for two separate outfits for couples; they can fit in one very easily.

3. Camel Coat

camel coat

Photo Source

Fashion Police Verdict: HIT!

If you already don’t own a camel colour coat, than you are surely missing out on making a big fashion statement. As this my friends, is trending right now; straight hot of the streets of New York to London. No matter what you are wearing a camel coat on top is on point.



Photo Source

Fashion Police Verdict: MISS!

Don’t get me wrong tights are one of the essentials, but the problem is when you wear them as an alternative to pants.  You possibly cannot think you can get away with it and I repeat YOU cannot get away with wearing tights on short tops. Quite frankly because tights do not provide you with quite the coverage for your bottom; that now is frozen because of your fashion disaster. Get some Pants!

5. Floppy Hat!


Photo Source

Fashion Police Verdict: HIT!

The floppy hat is one of the most stylish accessories, which can upgrade any dress (or conveniently hide greasy hair on a bad hair day- we all have been there) and make you appear instantly chic as it gives you a model look. Watch out Cara Delevingne!

6. Toe Hanging!


Fashion Police Verdict: Big time MISS!

Before I even say anything else, I just have to say LOL. Now that is out of the way, a toe hanging out of your shoes is undoubtedly a big fashion miss, unless your aim was to clean the road with your toes as you go along. Please Ladies – don’t commit this fashion crime. Just get new shoes that fit properly. Stop the torture.

7. Tartan Pants!

download (1)

Photo source

Fashion Police Verdict: Hit!

Tartan prints were something associated as more of an elderly wear. However it is the new big thing. Tartan prints are a big hit and are creating a big  buzz in the fashion world (adding to the glory of many elderly) and extremely sexy to wear out and about.

So this was the fashion police raid on the 7 hit and miss of the fashion world. I say you don’t commit any of the fashion crimes and embrace all the fashion hits. What do you think?

By Izza Hina


3 thoughts on “Fashion Police Raid: Hit or Miss

  1. A brilliant article , totally in favour of the tartan prints and the camel coat. Fashion police you’ve hit the nail on the head again!!

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