What NOT to wear this summer!

It’s hard to dress nice and comfortably when it’s hot and sticky outside, and even worse, wardrobe malfunctions are common. Girls always want to look flawless, even when covered in sweat! To help you not make mistakes this summer, and keep your cool with your outfits – here are 7 things, which you should avoid wearing this summer!


Last summer I saw so many people wearing crocs, believe me that is a HUGE mistake, better to wear ballerinas shoes, very elegant and comfortable. But crocs…Are you a gardener? No? Then you have absolutely no reason to be wearing plastic clogs on your feet. Ever.

2. Velvet is out of style in summer!

If you have velvet skirt or dress and you are thinking should you wear that this summer or not, the answer is NO! It’s not the best thing to wear when it’s hot outside, unless you want your clothes to stick to you.

3.Visible underwear.

As the weather gets warmer, clothes inevitably get smaller. While now is the time to bare your shoulders, keep in mind that what once remained hidden under a sweater or cardigan is now in full view. Thankfully, there are lots of options to keep your bra straps under wraps, like racer-back or strapless styles.

4. Socks and sandals.

No,no and one more time NO! Please, never match these two things!

5.Heavy coats!

They were in trend this winter and that’s it! When it rains, wear something light!

6. Very short shorts.
Daisy Dukes and denim cutoffs are what summer is all about, but that doesn’t mean we want to see half your  bum hanging out of them. Please, cover up those cheeks.
7. Heavy make-up.
Source: http://theraphaelproject.com/blog/make-up-do-we-really-need-it/
Sweat and sunscreen can melt your makeup into a mess, and the more you have got on, the more noticeable it is. So, swap your heavier products for lighter ones (think tinted moisturiser instead of foundation). Besides, when your skin has a healthy summer glow, you can get away with wearing less.
I hope that my list helped you to realize what you shouldn’t wear in summer. Always remember, that in summer being natural is the best choice!If you have more ideas what not to wear or what you don’t like wearing in summer, leave comments and share your opinion.
Aktolkyn Auyen.

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