Bright Lips Are Always In Fashion

Nothing makes quite the same dramatic and subtle accent to an outfit as bright lipsticks do. And certainly one thing is for sure, bright lips are never out-of-date. It doesn’t really matter what the season is, or what time of day it is, they always do a brilliant job in making women feeling more confident and beautiful.

1920451_703922816295646_2068014953_nPhoto Model: Kristina Atanasova

I hardly get excited about lip-glosses, except when it comes to bright lipsticks. With a large range of shades, starting from bright pinky-coral to light-cherry, they have a juicy texture that makes your lips even plumper. And more importantly, unlike the darker ones they flatter almost any type of skin tone and they match with the different lips shapes. Unarguably, with their empowering shade, they also suit both girls and women.

Besides, from my personal experience I can tell that they cover the lips imperfections and they always make them look smoother with a shiny touch.

Except all of their obvious pros as makeup products, they also give a perfect finish to your street style outfit. Their handful tones can be combined with all three moods of the day. They can be used for a daytime wear, a trendy outlook or a fabulous night out. It is not to say that all of them are giving that glamorous appeal since it is true that the brand makes the product. And sometimes if they are too bright, they create the feeling of not wearing a lipstick. But, the great thing about them is that even if they fade-away, in most of the cases, you can’t see that.

So since I am a huge fan of the natural-exotic look, I have always found bright lips as the perfect approach to complete your outlook. This is why I have always fancied them more than the darker ones.

What do you think of bright lips?

Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)


2 thoughts on “Bright Lips Are Always In Fashion

  1. I totally agree with you, Lu! I think the brighter lips look better because they somehow look sweeter that way. The darker ones, I think, are more appropriate if you have to attend an official meeting and also they look more womanly, but that doesn’t mean we, the males, like them more!! Hope I didn’t get you confused xx

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