The Little Black Dress: Never out of style!

Thanks to legendary Coco Chanel, who invented this kind of dress. First it was shown on Vogue magazine in 1926. And now, 88 years later this dress is still the most popular style of dress and must-have of wardrobe.

                                                                                                             Photo Source

Unfortunately, nowadays, more and more women on their way to be always in trend saying that LBD (little black dress) is out of fashion and now it’s time for new designs.

Maria Voronkova, Instagram it-girl says: “ People are tired of Coco’s little black dress, this dress became ordinary, it’s 21 century, we want something new!”

I absolutely disagree with her point of view. Why?

First of all, LBD is unique because absolutely all women can afford themselves to buy simple black dress and you will look very elegant.  It knows no social, style or size boundaries. Whether it costs $1,000 or $50, is a size 2 or a size 22, it is still a little black dress. And everyone wants to own at least one perfect little black dress.

Second, this dress never wil be ordinary because now there are so many variations how to wear this dress. Even the most famous designer, creative director of Chanel and living legend Karl Lagerfeld said : “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

Here I want to show you some ways to wear LBD.


                                                                                                                Photo Source


                                                                                                           Photo Source

When it comes to wardrobe staples, there’s nothing more classic, sexy, and versatile than a little black dress. For brunch with friends, office meetings, girls’ nights out, or your next hot date, the LBD can be transformed time and time again with the right accent pieces. Remember, doesn’t matter if it is morning, afternoon or evening- little black dress will be always right decision!

Leave your opinion about LBD and you’re more than welcome to share the ways how you wear this dress.

By Aktolkyn Auyen


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