13 Must-Haves For A Timeless Wardrobe


We all want to have a well-stocked wardrobe, filled with “worth every penny” investment pieces that will last for years. So to make yours as well as my life easier,here are 15 timeless fashion pieces we all should have in a classic closet. It depends on your personal style, I guarantee that my hints will help you put together outfits that will both rock and underline your style.


1.A stunning fancy dress


We are girls and we always want to be gorgeous. Having at least one in the wardrobe will save you hours of worries deciding what to wear for a date.

2.A leather jacket


Sometimes it can be quite expensive to buy one, but a leather jacket is definitely in the list of good investment items. If you treat it well, it will last for decades and it will always rock your look.

3. Tops


They are fantastic for layering under cardigans and jackets and they always make you look more feminine.

4.Skinny jeans


It seems that they came into fashion again several years ago. But, let’s admit it, they are comfortable piece of clothing that makes you sexy and they match everything from your wardrobe.

5.A neatly made sweater


They make you warm in the winter and they always look good. Also in the spring thin ones can keep you warm for the unexpected british weather.

6.Boyfriend jeans


I bought a pair last summer and it was the best investment I have ever made. They make you skinnier and stylish, and keep your look casual.

7.Ballet flats


Talking from personal experience, it is not to say that they are long-lasting items. But, of course you don’t have to spend alot of money on them.

8.An oversized bag


It is something that comes in hand on daily basis and is like the table salt, it matches with everything. No one will know what is in your bag, and you never know what you might need to put in it!

9.Black heels


They are simple, but a classic item that never ages and every girl must have in her wardrobe. They work for both street-style and formal functions.



They look incredibly small, but can hold necessities that we cannot go without. If you are planning a dinner out in a posh restaurant, or a night out – you need one.

11.Statement necklace


They can be combined with different clothes and make outfits look perfectly completed.

12.Fur coats


When it comes to a trendy wardrobe, they are an excellent choice to have. Plus, they make you feel cosy.

13. Comfy underwear


Even under the clothes, it is a piece you must have in your wardrobe. It defines your feminine, your style and it makes you more confident. You also do not want something uncomfortable if you are going to be in it all day!

Well, that was the last item for a timeless closet. If you think something could be added or replaced, feel free to leave your comments!

Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

Photographer: Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)


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