Autumn Highlights

If you wonder what the rules are for the new season, don’t spend even a second in wonders. The rule is: no more rules! From jeans to trendy coats, the highlights vary tremendously this season.

  1. Jeans and Shirt


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The first must-have in the wardrobe this season can be described as easy peasy lemon squeezy. Nothing highlights the autumn more than a simple combination of a shirt and jeans. You can feel absolutely free to make as various combinations as possible.

  1. Mono palette


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The second piece that never goes out of fashion is the mono coat. There is no easier way to embrace the chill, than with a black and white mono coats. Warm and comfy, but in more stylish manner, they can be easily combined with every colour.

  1. Roll neck knit


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The one thing I’m looking to this autumn is definitely the roll neck knit. Loosed or tight, it is “my thing” for the season. Despite it will most likely not get a runaway-pass, there is nothing more awesome for the season. To add some elegance combine them with stylish trousers and some coloured duvet scarf.

  1. Coloured jackets


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If you have already packed your wardrobe with trendy coats, you definitely need one of these jackets for the day “you just can’t be bothered”. Silky or sporty in style, they are the most practical clothing piece, you’ll feel glad to have for the cold days.

  1. Over-the-knee leather highs



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Obviously, the over-the-knee highs are not only my, but also autumn’s favourite highlights for legs. If you want to get that catwalk long legs, the highs will become your favourites, too. While the leather pieces will complement your silhouette, they will also keep you warm and always ready for rain.


Shine bright like a naked diamond

One of my fears in life, is a bunch of people possibly seeing me naked, you know that horrible dream that everyone has at least once in their life, where you somehow end up running stark naked through a crowd of people. Unless your name is Rihanna, and you are head to toe in 216,000 Swarovoski Crystals, made by designer Adam Selman.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 16.03.46

Rihanna bares all in a customised Adam Selman dress.

Rihanna at the CFDA awards stepped out in a completely sheer fishnet slip dress – with her nipples exposed and her nude g string underwear the only thing keeping her somewhat modest. How on earth can we call this ‘fashion’? Since when has wearing practically nothing, ever been a fashion statement?

At the moment, the internet is full of females protesting their rights, and rightly so after the Elliot Rodger incident. Feminism is probably rearing its angry head at society, but in no way do I see this as a statement, the same way I do not see women who decide not to shave their armpits and growing it out a statement. That is a personal choice, wearing what you want is a personal choice, if you want to grow your armpit hair, that is entirely up to you. When you remember that Rihanna’s fans age range varies, what kind of example is having everything on display, scantily covered by crystals to girls? I admire celebrities who do not care what people think, but there is also a limit in terms of caring about how much you put out there of yourself, if this is a new form of female liberation, easy on the sheer fishnets girls.

Solange Knowles, in a Calvin Klein Collection dress

Solange Knowles, in a Calvin Klein Collection dress

You are already famous, you are probably earning money for every second I spend typing this, so what is the need to go over the top and draw attention to yourself in this way? This outfit certainly wasn’t tasteful, yes it is confident and brave of her, slightly provocative, but I cannot understand how this is fashionable. Applause to her for deciding to step out in this risqué little number, but what happened to elegance, vast celebrities knew how to pull of actually wearing something. Rihanna’s outfit certainly had the whole Great Gatbsy vibe, but even F. Scott Fitzgerald would be rolling his eyes at her right now. I’m sure the Instagram police are already on the case of deleting users images of this outfit – and as Rihanna deleted her Instagram account in protest of nudity clauses, we wont be seeing much more of her for a while, that is until she decides to go out half naked again or twerk. 

By Yasmin Harding

Retro Style Bikinis

The gorgeous weather is going to hit us soon and we all look forward to soak up the first sunbeams, lazing the day away on the beach with skinny Margarita in hand. But, before the time for “sit back and relax” comes, a question we should all consider is what swimwear pieces are trendy this summer.


Retro Style Bikini

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And then they come… Retro Style Bikinis are back. It is not to say, we all do not love them and might want to try wearing them once, but really? Back for bad or worse?

Undoubtedly, they are comfy and they might cover the curves we have somehow missed burning in the gym, but is there a better way of not getting tanned, or getting partially tanned, than wearing a Retro Style Bikini? They might be a “one piece wonders”, but in the end it is your choice.

We all have worked out our beautiful figures to show them off in shapely swimwear. They might be curvy, but they always look cute once tanned. And the rumour has it that Retro Style Bikini is not the best option to achieve that. But, in the end that is just a rumour, right?


Summer Love

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So the key to feeling most comfy and making dreams of perfect summer come true, is to show off the bits you love. So do not solely rely on what the latest style says, but shop around for what you like and most importantly, what suits you. If you like the Retro style, go and be a knockout on the beach. Just make sure you rock the place and create unforgettable memories of the beach paradise.

Brick Lane, the place for street fashion

 You can easily find tons of inspiration from Brick Lane – street style literally walks around and showcases itself here, in human form of course. With its urban graffiti walls that constantly change to show off new talent, you are sure to find something interesting and unique in this place.

IMG_4271 copy

Amongst the hustle and bustle, you can expect it to be busy. People here walk around knowing all the hot spots they are all too familiar with, and the delights clearly shown on peoples faces as they find a bargain. But, do not expect too many bargains in this place, as vintage fashion is on the rise, so is the demand and that means that in order for small businesses to keep themselves going along, prices will vary.

That doesn’t mean it is not worth it, items from here are unique and that means that you can express yourself with what you wear knowing that someone else probably wont have it. If you approach someone in Brick Lane, they will often tell you a story behind what they are wearing, whether that it is that it used to belong to someone who has passed, or that they were handed it down. If you are a fan of Camden town and all that it has to offer, then you certainly should take yourself down to Brick Lane. Not only does it have street fashion everywhere, but all kinds of food aromas will waft right up your nose, at an affordable price – no one likes to browse shops on an empty stomach! You can see old friends catching up, young people discovering their own sense of style, and you too can find something that will cater to your fashion preferences. With spring now officially here (hopefully!) you can enjoy a drink with friends in the sunshine. There are expectations here, you can wear what you want and Brick Lane will welcome you with open arms.


Another place you can explore whilst around the Brick Lane area is the Old Spitalfields market. Here you will find an array of products, from books, to old family items (I have seen a few deer heads here…) old vinyl records, and last but not least, clothes! The atmosphere is pretty great too, coffee shops and food shops offer themselves in a massive variety surrounding the market and if browsing through markets is not your thing, there are more well known shops in the surrounding area.


What do you think of Brick Lane? Does the street fashion there inspire you?

All photos are from the lovely Alice Schoolcraft. Check out more of her work here

By Yasmin Harding

Street Style losing its roots

The term street style is a very commonly recognisable term nowadays, whereas it might not have been a few years ago. All thanks to Scott Schuman who made street style so popular with the humbling start of  carrying a camera around  and taking pictures of all the styles he found striking, later posting on his blog “The Sartorialist”. This gave way to thousands of street fashion bloggers all over the world who now follow his lead.

But over the years I have found that street style fashion is loosing it’s roots, as I feel that street style more and more resembles the fashion displayed by the models on the ramps of fashion week. It lacks the originality which made it so popular in the first place.  In fact the stereotypical image created of fashion by all these so-called fashion gurus is exactly what we see being replicated in masses on the street. The crazy bold chic avatar which outshines your true inner beauty is still embraced by few and being praised by even less.

Bold and Beautiful street style on Brick Lane

Bold and Beautiful street style on Brick Lane

Photo source   Photo source  Photo source  Photo source  Photo source

This is not what street style was meant to be like. It is rare now that you see people wearing something so crazily unique that it alarms you for all the right or wrong reasons. The whole art of taking pictures of real people embracing their own distinctive style is such a dynamic fashion practice but now it feels like the people who are photographed are no less than fashion  models themselves. What happened to the ordinary men and women being photographed? Which creates whole new issues of stereotyping beauty (in demand of another blog).Where is the originality I ask?

Street style for me was breaking all boundaries of rich and poor; you could be as wild and as predictable. Embracing our inner style. Street style Now it seems that street fashion has is losing its roots, as people are starting to follow the fashion trend forecast.

Street Style on the streets of New York

Street Style on the streets of New York

I think fashion is not exciting if it is so predictable and everyone on the streets looks like a clone of one another. Fashion is the unexpected clash of style, prints and colours. The mix of contemporary with vintage. I say be a fashion creator not a follower. Bring street style back to its original roots and embrace your own distinctively unique sexy yet boldly striking style back. Bring on the fashion!

By Izza Hina

Perfect spring outfit.

Finally, cold days will be gone and that means we can forget about warm coats, heavy boots and messy hair after wearing a hat. Time for the most beautiful season-spring! Let’s clean up our wardrobe from winter clothes and add skirts, t-shirts and blouses. Since today is the first day of spring, I’ve decided to share with you outfit that I like.


Why I like this outfit?

First of all, after winter we want to wear more colourful things and here you can see that the main colour of this outfit is red, even the accessories contain bright colors.

I also like how the oversized sweater perfectly matches with the short skater skirt, which is very stylish now.

Also, accessories make an outfit even more stylish. A small Chanel bag with unusual blue-green colour for spring is perfect choice, Shourouk necklace makes a sweater look elegant and pairing a hat with glasses are my favorite things to wear in spring and summer.

What do you think of this look?

By Aktolkyn Auyen.

Versatile, Stylish and It Rocks!

 I have that dress for three months now and it has become my favourite piece of clothing. Except it is really comfortable, it can be mixed and matched with almost every item I have in the wardrobe.


I have chosen to combine it with my black, leather boots as that creates less formality and the whole outfit is street-style inspired. But, trust me with black or skin coloured heels it looks gorgeous. Besides, the leopard-printed down part of the dress makes it look classier and gives me the freedom to wear it with my shine statement necklace. And truly said it was one of the most budget-friendly items I have bought for the last months so I guess that makes it even more attractive. But, what I love most about it is the blink-blink script that says “Wild” and who can argue that it is not?

I love this outfit and if you like it, please share your opinion!

Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

Photographer: Lyubomira Ivanova

Who are we fashionable for?

When girls dress nice, or decide that they want to wear a particular clothing item, We are usually asked “where are you going?”. If i’m not lounging around in my pj’s, which admittedly is the case, I’m always asked this question. It is either that or “who are you trying to impress?”. No one. Seriously. No-one.

Photo by Yasmin Harding

Photo by Yasmin Harding

For me, wearing something that does not look like I secretly wanted to hang around in a onesie all day simply makes me feel good. I have decided that instead of lounging around in something I have slept in – I should get dressed. Put something nice on. For me.

Who do girls really dress for? Usually, people assume that it is for guys. Let’s raise a point here ; are guys really into fashion as much as girls? I think that they may not even care if we are wearing a bin bag that has a designer label on it, to them, we look like something that should be in the bin. Guys just simply do not care for fashion in the same way that girls do.

Before any guys reading this start screaming at the computer screen, then congratulations. You are the minority of males who are ‘fashionable’. But how do we judge what is fashionable? By what we see on the runway that we try and interpret from high street stores? Not everyone can afford designer, and if I am honest, most of the things on the runway I probably would not wear, I may like it, but actually buying it is a different matter. (I said it!). For me, fashion is dependent on the individual. When people say things are in fashion, what they really mean is that one individual decided it would be in trend and then let a bunch of models walk down the runway, so that we could all copy it. That is what I like about street fashion, seeing people on the street who have their own sense of style, fashion is not about copying exactly what a designer has created, but expressing yourself in such a way. I love the fact that I can chose what to wear depending on my mood, we all have that lazy reliable outfit we can always turn to. Street fashion is a clear example of people not conforming to what is ‘fashionable’, but that is not to say we look for inspiration from the catwalk. People are fashionable for themselves, and if we have to decide who we dress for, girls are trying to impress other girls, the people who will know the effort you put into choosing your look.

Work that Bin-bag.. Photo source

Guys face similar scrutiny with fashion. Girls often set expectations where a potential boyfriend has to be hipster, or look like someone who just rolled off a tumblr page. If a guy is comfortable with what they are wearing, then so be it. We do not have to pressure people to keep up to trend. If that was the case, why are we seeing Fresh Prince style bomber jackets back in? Fashion is constantly changing, so wear what you want to wear. Just remember to dress for yourself. Unless there is a guy you want to impress, avoid wearing that designer bin bag… he might not know its designer.

By Yasmin Harding

Fashion Police Raid: Hit or Miss

It is very common that people might often find themselves in a middle of a fashion catastrophe. Quite simply because they are a big fashion miss. While there are some who are a fashion disaster, then there are those who are a fashion hit as they wear the most simplest thing and carry it with such grace and elegance that it might even make Kate Moss turn her head around. This is the fashion police raiding the 7 biggest street fashion Hit or Miss. Enjoy 🙂

 1. Denim!

Different ways to wear denim

Different ways to wear denim

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Fashion Police Verdict: HIT!

Dear old denim! Just never out of fashion. If this does not add to our fashion delight then listen out; there is several ways that you can wear denim but you can experiment with it and wear it various other ways so you just never get bored and come out with a new outfit every single time. Perfect to wear on any occasion, so denim is a must if you want to look effortlessly chic and on trend.

2. Baggy Clothes!

Baggy clothes

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Fashion Police Verdict: (do I even have to say it) MISS!

Baggy clothes look cute sometimes but wearing baggy clothes that are far too big for your size is a big fashion blunder. If that is not enough to add to the fashion worlds misery; to wear His and Her matching baggy outfits and embrace it on the street is purely a JOKE. As I am sure there is no need for two separate outfits for couples; they can fit in one very easily.

3. Camel Coat

camel coat

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Fashion Police Verdict: HIT!

If you already don’t own a camel colour coat, than you are surely missing out on making a big fashion statement. As this my friends, is trending right now; straight hot of the streets of New York to London. No matter what you are wearing a camel coat on top is on point.



Photo Source

Fashion Police Verdict: MISS!

Don’t get me wrong tights are one of the essentials, but the problem is when you wear them as an alternative to pants.  You possibly cannot think you can get away with it and I repeat YOU cannot get away with wearing tights on short tops. Quite frankly because tights do not provide you with quite the coverage for your bottom; that now is frozen because of your fashion disaster. Get some Pants!

5. Floppy Hat!


Photo Source

Fashion Police Verdict: HIT!

The floppy hat is one of the most stylish accessories, which can upgrade any dress (or conveniently hide greasy hair on a bad hair day- we all have been there) and make you appear instantly chic as it gives you a model look. Watch out Cara Delevingne!

6. Toe Hanging!


Fashion Police Verdict: Big time MISS!

Before I even say anything else, I just have to say LOL. Now that is out of the way, a toe hanging out of your shoes is undoubtedly a big fashion miss, unless your aim was to clean the road with your toes as you go along. Please Ladies – don’t commit this fashion crime. Just get new shoes that fit properly. Stop the torture.

7. Tartan Pants!

download (1)

Photo source

Fashion Police Verdict: Hit!

Tartan prints were something associated as more of an elderly wear. However it is the new big thing. Tartan prints are a big hit and are creating a big  buzz in the fashion world (adding to the glory of many elderly) and extremely sexy to wear out and about.

So this was the fashion police raid on the 7 hit and miss of the fashion world. I say you don’t commit any of the fashion crimes and embrace all the fashion hits. What do you think?

By Izza Hina

British Street Style Fashion

They Mix & It Works 


 “Fashion is the same as architecture: it is a matter of proportions” says the most recognised French fashion designer, Coco Chanel. But his words do not really hit the nail on the head when it comes to British fashion.

Unarguably, we all have acclaimed Brits for their individual sense of style. They have always been famed for their different approaches to the Fashion world. But is that what makes their style so eclectic? Certainly, there is more to it.

 “British fashion is self-confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage” is what British designer Alexander McQueen claims. And this is precisely how I feel about British Street Style Fashion.

Never looking too polished is what really makes Brits’ style so unique. So it is not to say that they like matching clothes perfectly, but one thing is for sure, they mix patterns and it works. With their “thrown-on” choices of clothes, they demonstrate how matching simple things, results in an impeccable outfit.

The perfect example of the British, effortless look is Kate Moss.


Kate Moss captured on the street

Photo source

Born and raised in the heart of Britain, she perfectly exemplifies the Londoners’ fashion sense layered, edgy, but stylish. She was the one who started the famous waif look and launched the combination of skinny jeans with flats. Her out-of-duty look is what illustrates the classic utterly-effortless British style.

“I think that British girls have a very eclectic and unique style”, Nicole Richie says and it sounds fair to me. So arguing that Brits are not good at taking the catwalk trends and putting them in the daily outfit is the same as trying to build snowman in hell. Their style is eccentric and there is nothing wrong with that.

Unlike the odds that their look can be described as “not-yet-rolled-out-of-bed”, I believe they should be praised for putting together unexpected textures and making them completely wearable. As for me all of that describes what fashion is about: being creative, feeling comfortable in what you wear and being brave to find your own style.

 Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)

Photographer: Lyubomira Ivanova (Lulu)